D2Grids, rolling out 5th generation district heating and cooling

Project Summary

Increasing the share of renewable energy by accelerating the roll-out of demand-driven smart grids delivering low temperature heating and cooling to NWE cities

The D2GRIDS project aims to develop 5th generation urban heating and cooling networks (5G DHC) in Europe. They will allow to anticipate the needs or sources of fatal heat, cold or renewable electricity in their vicinity. Similarly, local collective self-consumption logic will be optimized by broadly integrating heating and cooling needs, storage capacities or associated thermal or electrical flexibility.

The objective is to maximize the share of renewable energies in these local energy loops, through an industrialization of the approach, a standardized technological model, and a clarification of the business model to strengthen the interest of these projects for third party investors.

The project involves the implementation of 5 demonstrators in Paris-Saclay (FR), Bochum (GE), Brunssum (NL), Glasgow and Nottingham (UK). D2Grids will also prepare similar developments in Parkstad Limburg, North-East France, Flanders, the Ruhr region, Scotland and the East Midlands (United Kingdom). Dedicated education and training programmes will be set up by Open University, a partner in the project, providing expertise in post-graduate and digital learning.

Join the D2Grids community on 5th generation district heating and cooling

The D2Grids online community, is open to all professionals (industrial stakeholders, project developers, public authorities...) having an interest in energy grids and 5GDHC technology. Its goal is to ensure knowledge exchange and interaction among key actors.

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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Mijnwater B.V. 177 Valkenburgerweg
6419 AT
h.eijdems@mijnwater.com www.mijnwater.com
Name Contact Name Email Country
Asper Investment Management Ltd Luis Quiroga Luis.quiroga@asper-im.com United Kingdom
Clyde Gateway Developments Ltd Hugh Moore Hugh.moore@clydegateway.com United Kingdom
Open University Wilfried Ivens Wilfried.ivens@ou.nl Netherlands
ECOTRANSFAIRE Bernard Lahure blahure@ecotransfaire.eu Luxembourg
French Geological Survey Virginie Hamm v.hamm@brgm.fr France
GreenFlex Sébastien Delpont sdelpont@greenflex.com France
Construction21 France Véronique Pappe Veronique.pappe@construction21.fr France
Flemish Institute for Technological Research NV Ann Wouters ann.wouters@vito.be Belgium
FUW GmbH Jochen Raube jochen.raube@stadtwerke-bochum.de Germany
Nottingham City Council Stephen Hayes Stephen.Hayes@Nottinghamcity.gov.uk United Kingdom
EPA Paris-Saclay Nicolas Eyraud contact@oin-paris-saclay.fr

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May 2020 - Newsletter #3

February 2020 - Newsletter #2

September 2019 - Newsletter #1

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Market survey on available components

Blockchain and smart contract State of the art on the energy market

Find here communication material on D2Grids and 5G district heating and cooling !

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