London Quietways

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Quietways are a new concept in London, complementary to cycle superhighways. While superhighways often follow the main roads with separated cycle paths to provide the fastest and most direct route, quietways lead through residential streets, making use of ‘filtered permeability’, with only short connecting stretches of dedicated cycle infrastructure where necessary. Read More

A cycle bridge along a river

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Usually bridges are built across rivers, but there are exceptions. On the F1 cycle highway a 100-metre cycling bridge was built along the river Vrouwvliet and under two railroad bridges. This sounds quite complicated, but in fact it provides an easy way to get to the other side of a primary railroad line. Read More

F1 to connect two biggest Belgian agglomerations

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Extension of the F1 cycle highway towards Brussels is a complex task, requiring cooperation of many actors. We took a look at what is happening on a 4 km stretch near Zemst. The completed, on-going and soon starting investments include two cycling bridges, redistribution of carriageway on a national road, a new safe crossing, construction of new and upgrade of existing cycling paths. Read More