3rd Partnership Meeting, in Ghent Belgium | Nov 7th to 9th, 2018

EnerGent was our host during the 3rd partnership meeting in Ghent.
The main aim of this meeting was to exchange information on where we stand as a project and as individual partners, what the synergies are, where the discrepancies lay and how we should proceed. The days were built around the basic elements of the Transnational Design (TD) and the MoRe model: Community, Value Propositions, virtual Power Plant, the implementation and replication of the cVPP.

Among the topics in discussion were:
What is a ‘community’? We agreed on a common way of thinking about ‘community’ and made a useful frame for the contexts of IR, BE and NL.

The implementing partners shared their experience regarding the value propositions in their communities. This helped us define the roles of actors in every community, necessary to create a cVPP, using the USEF framework. A fruitful exchange of knowledge between the implementing partners about the technical details of VPP and the investment plans in NL, BE, IR over the next 12 month also took place.

Via ‘Storytelling’ the implementing partners shared their individual road towards creating a cVPP, that they have traveled from the start of the project till now in their own contexts. The replicating partners were inspired by the answers to questions such as: with what goals did you start, what were the critical moments in your project, what decisions you took and what influenced it.

Newsletter 3 | 3rd parnership meeting in Gent

EnerGent | Buurzame stroom

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