2nd Consortium Meeting, in Tipperary Ireland

The 2nd Consortium Meeting of the cVPP project will take place from 11th to 13th April 2018, at the Great National Abbey Court Hotel in Tipperary, Ireland and will be hosted by our project partners Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) and Templederry Renewable energy Supply Limited, T/A Community Renewable energy supply (CRES).

On day 1, before lunch, an Irish Kick-off Meeting will be organised with the aim to present the cVPP project to some of the local communities. In the afternoon all cVPP partners will join to discuss the concept of a Community-based VPP and to initiate an open discussion with the communities about what it means for the involvement of communities and for the replication process (in specific Irish context).

On day 2 project partners and sub-partners will continue with discussions about the MoRe model and specific cVPP’s. In addition, on the same day in the morning, we also plan to include a brief presentation on the NWE Interreg by Ms. Siobhán Rudden from the Irish National Contact Point.

On day 3 we will focus on project external communication, and cover the current most important topics within the Work Package Management.

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