, Brussel

The Policy Conference of EUSEW 2020 will take place from 23 to 25 June 2020. Registration for the conference will be launched in April 2020. WHAT IS THE EU SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK (EUSEW)? The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is a two month-long series of activities across Europe promoting secure, clean and efficient energy. It brings together policymakers, stakeholders and citizens to achieve climate and energy goals for the Energy Union. Launched in 2006, EUSEW is organised by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). The Policy Conference is the biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders focus on sustainable energy issues, debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas. Next to the conference, the Networking Village brings the EUSEW Community together to forge alliances whilst the EUSEW Awards celebrate outstanding projects and ideas.
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CANCELLED | Competition - price announcement cVPP | Apeldoorn NL

, Werkgebouw Zuid (Aruba 4, 7332 BK Apeldoorn)

Onderwerp: Invitation to the competition - price announcement 17th of March Dear partners, As you all know Gemeente Apeldoorn has organised a competition for the cVPP project. We have challenged residents of Apeldoorn to design a Virtual Power Plant (or first steps towards it), and we provided several workshops and guidance in order to facilitate the participants. The content of the workshops would not have been possible without all the knowledge and help from the cVPP team! So first of all, a big thanks to all of you!
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La Pile | expo

, Kamp C | Britselaan 20 - 2260 Westerlo | België

At The 21st century, as we enter the second century of the electric grid, prototyping and pioneerig are more relevant than ever: we need more electricty - to squeeze oranges, brush our teeth and other vital activities - , at the same time we realise that every Killowatthour is a weight on the environment. The electricty sector is in flux, so now is the time to shape better. And to give citizens a say. la Pile identified 14 electricity pioneers of today. An exhibition in Kamp C shows their achievements, ambitions and bottle necks. One of the pioneers is Energent, one of the cVPP-partners with Buurzame Stroom.
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geWOONdoen | Just do it

, Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium

JustDOit: inspiration day for thinkers and doers (PP: Kamp C) EN | The province of Antwerp developed a number of tools to work with the local authorities and their inhabitants to tackle the challenges of the future: habit breaker, a resilient villages policy, a sustainable building loket, ... They are a first step to going into various LIVING challenges. Be inspired on 29 May by the testimonies of the municipalities and experts. Discover how they mobilised their inhabitants towards more quality in their living environment. GeWOONdoen: inspiratiedag voor denkers en doeners (PP: Kamp C) NL | De provincie Antwerpen ontwikkelde een aantal instrumenten om samen met de lokale besturen én hun inwoners de uitdagingen van de toekomst aan te pakken: geWOONtebreker, een veerkrachtig dorpenbeleid, een duurzaam bouwloket,... Ze vormen een eerste stap om in te gaan op diverse WOONuitdagingen. Laat je op 29 mei inspireren door de getuigenissen van de gemeenten en experten die je voor zijn gegaan. Ontdek hoe zij hun inwoners in beweging brachten om hun woon- en leefomgeving meer kwaliteitsvol te maken. Ga met hen in gesprek op de markt en ervaar tijdens belevingsmomenten en workshops wat onder andere geWOONtebreker voor jouw stad of gemeente kan betekenen.
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