Investigation of the potential red curcumin derivatives

Further research has been done by Avans Hogeschool / CoEBBE to synthesize red color derivatives of curcumin. During the first phase of this investigation, several variants have successfully been synthesized at lab scale amounts and proven with analyses.

Thereafter, the most interesting derivatives have been upscaled in production. In the meantime, these colorants will be mixed with bioplastic to prepare for analyses. These results will be displayed by the one of the next updates. Figure 1 shows the preparation of the red colorants in a plastic mixture (color masterbatch).

Blue colorant development is at a stage where we need to obtain a pure sample for analysis purposes. Initial results show that the blue curcumin based colorant remains blue for extended period of time (days).

Figure 1: color masterbatch preparations of the red curcumin derivatives (by Avans Hogeschool / Coebbe)

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