WEBINAR: The Future of Manufacturing in Europe

, Online - Zoom Webinar

This free webinar from innovation consultancy Bax & Company and EU innovation project COTEMACO will take a look at the current state of automation, digitalisation of manufacturing across Europe, and future consequences on jobs. We will explore both local and EU-wide support programmes which allow manufacturing SMEs to get hands-on experience with collaborative robots (cobots) and other digitalisation technologies, so they can fully embrace automation.
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Webinar - Dutch Soft Robotics; Gripping of natural objects

, Online

The four technical universities in the Netherlands - Delft University of Technology (TUD), University of Twente (UT), Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Wageningen University (WUR) - will present the trends and challenges of using flexible grippers. Soft gripping and bioinspired manipulation are ideal robotic solutions for pick-and-place applications in the food industry, but also in manufacturing and packaging...
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Webinar - How to automate the creation of digital work instructions


There is a trend from mass production to mass customisation. Where in the past operators often had repetitive tasks, we now produce more often in small series with products adapted to the needs of the customer. The work for the operator has become more complex, so the operators need more support. Digital work instructions that can be quickly created, adapted and easily consulted are necessary. On May 19th Flanders Make will host a free webinar to delve into the creation of digital work instructions for manufacturing employees, and how the process can be automated.
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COTEMACO awareness session at Food Tech Brainport

, Food Tech Brainport

We krijgen steeds vaker vragen van leden die hulp zoeken bij het verder automatiseren van het productieproces. Want ze hebben te maken met pittige uitdagingen: met name goed personeel vinden en houden. Dit kun je gedeeltelijk oplossen door robotisering, maar dan komen de vragen los: Hoe pak ik dat aan? - Welk deel kan ik wel robotiseren, welk deel niet? - Hoe garandeer ik de veiligheid van mijn personeel? - Hoe hou ik het voedselveilig? – en vooral hoe moet ik dat betalen?
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