TRANSMED Academy - virtual learning environment powered by EATRIS

TRANSMED Academy - virtual learning environment
To support biomedical researchers to gain better understanding of translational research and medicines development, EATRIS has developed a learning platform, offering access to several online activities, free of charge. Online training modules are a great way to provide high quality, accessible, interactive training at all levels.

TRANSMED Academy is offering three types of e-learning content:
● Introductory modules for early career researchers and expert patients.
● Targeted modules on the use of specific translational technologies for academics and SME based researchers
developing Personalised Medicine research.
● Modules and recorded webinars on cross-cutting topics related to funding, impact or technology transfer for
the research community at large.

What is already available
E-learning - The Landscape of Translational medicine
Especially for the next generation of translational scientists (PhDs, Postdocs and MDs), we have developed an online course touching upon key aspects of translational research and medicines development. Participants will learn more about target validation, predictive models, biomarkers, clinical trials, IP and European regulations through a variety of learning activities including reading assignments, videos, quizzes, interactive modules and mindmaps.
Learning progress of each participants is monitored and upon successful completion of all modules and the final test, a certificate can be obtained. The course has a students investment time of approximately 10 hours.

Neuroimaging webinars
EATRIS and NeurATRIS have joined forces in developing a series of webinars on Neuroimaging, covering the usage of CEST-MRI, optical imaging, PET and Ultrahigh Field MRI in neurodegenerative diseases and their potential application in translational medicine.


How to access TRANSMED Academy
1. Visit and create a new account
2. Register by filling in the mandatory fields
3. Upon completion, you will receive an email to activate your account
4. Enter TRANSMED Academy using your credentials and start any course or webinar that we offer, free of charge.


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