Recording and slides of the online event 'Digital Health Data in Personalized Medicine'

Online Event 'Digital Health Data in Personalized Medicine'


The Codex4SMEs-project organized a web seminar highlighting the topic of 'Digital Health Data in Personalized Medicine' on May, 11th 2020.


Please find the audio of the event here.


Our speakers and topics were:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Dieterich (Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Cardiology at Heidelberg University Hospital) spoke about the project HiGHmed: Open Data Standards for Clinical Care and eHealth and adressed issues like

  • Visualization of cancer treatment course and data exchange between hospitals, research institutes, clinicians and patients
  • Identification and treatment of high-risk patients at an earlier stage by generating highly specific and comprehensive data sets through mobile diagnostic devices
  • Automated early warning system to protect patients from new infections


Dr. Christoph Schickhardt (National Center for Tumor Diseases at Heidelberg University Hospital) shared insights about Commercializing Digital Health Data – Ethical Considerations, in particular highlighting

  • Policy framework and recommendations for international data sharing and data access
  • Practical handling of big data-based decision making in the clinical and public health context
  • Knowledge transfer from translational research and evaluation of the evidence levels for Personalized Medicine


Dr. Yuksel Temiz (Precision Diagnostics Group, IBM Research Europe in Zurich) gave us an inside view of his research in Digital Diagnostics: Connecting POC Devices to Smartphones, noatbly in

  • Sensitive, low-cost, rapid and connected diagnostics at the point-of-care
  • Advanced diagnostic technologies based on microfluidics and IoT
  • Portable and connected diagnostic platform: microfluidic and electronic components for Precision Diagnostics

Recreate and 3D-print IBM's microscope using LEGO Bricks, Arduino and Raspberry PI:

Instructions via GitHub and Youtube.

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