Biobanking Placental Tissue – Key Aspects of this Organ

Get an overview of the placental role during pregnancy and its importance for biomarker development!


 >> Please find a recording of the online seminar here



Placental tissue has a high potential for diagnostics of a variety of gynecological diseases. During this webinar, we will teach you about the function of the placenta but also the practices or uses the people and industry has found for this transient organ. Moreover, we will explain how to collect and store the samples, the importance of biobanking this organ and how to get the best results out of this tissue.



You will learn and hear about:

  • Importance and role of the placenta
  • Practices/uses of the placenta
  • How and why biobanking placental tissue



PABLO ZARDOYA-LAGUARDIA studied Biomedical Sciences in Spain, worked as a researcher in Pharmacology in the UK and finished his PhD in Reproductive Biology at the Medical University of Graz (Austria). Additionally, he worked as an assistant policy officer at the European Commission in Health and Food Safety and as product manager for precision devices back in Austria. Since November 2020, he is project manager at the Biobank Graz.

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