Simultaneous thermography walks between France and Germany

On January 24th, during the Franco-German Energy Transition Week, the cities of Brest (FR), Vallendar (DE) and Worms (DE) have organized simultaneously 3 thermography walks open to their citizens. Around 25 people took part in the walks in each city and learned more about heat loss in houses and the importance of thermal insulation.

The walks were followed by a convivial moment during which culinary delicacies from the other country were prepared and savoured. Mulled wine & pretzels as well as cidre and crêpes were shared among the participants. It was also the opportunity for a one-hour French-German live exchange between residents of the three cities, together with the Mayor of Worms and local leaders and personalities. During the online exchange of experience, participants from Brest, Worms and Vallendar also learned more about the traditional house types in the three cities and could discuss the results of thermography walks.

These events targeting home-owners and tenants of single-family houses in the neighbourhoods were the results of a cross-collaboration of CAN and EUKI and of transnational exchange. They successfully made participants aware of their power to participate in the energy transition in their daily lives.

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