Launch of the 1066 Local Energy Share offer in Hastings

On December 13th, the Local Energy Share offer is going to be launched in Hastings, right after the directors of Ore Campus of East Sussex College Hastings have said ‘Yes’ to the installation of solar panels on their roof.

“East Sussex College Hastings is delighted to be part of an exciting and innovative project to deliver renewable energy in Ore Valley,” writes Biram Desai, Chief Financial Officer of the East Sussex College Group. “The project delivers opportunities and benefits to our students, staff, stakeholders and local community, alongside real financial benefits to the College via reduced utility bills. In as far as local colleges should be an integral part of their local community, and that ultimately they should support our young people for their future lives ahead, this exciting innovation ticks all the boxes!

Richard Watson of Energise Sussex Coast highlights that “anybody interested in buying shares in the 1066 Local Energy Campaign can invest through Brighton Energy Co-op and investors will receive a return of 5%. And as an additional benefit, students at Ore College will be able to learn about solar installations within their own college, as part of their courses – and the college is expected to save around £5,000pa on its energy bills.”

The installation of the solar panels will take place in the first months of 2019 and will add to the CAN project overall carbon savings of around 56 tonnes / year.

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