Brest: Volunteer Supports CAN

During his stay, Raffaele Viaggi will promote the very concrete achievements of the CAN project in Brest and beyond. "With the CAN project, the EU enters people’s living spaces, their homes, their daily life", explains Raffaele while referring to the so-called “energy visits” carried out in different neighbourhoods in Brest. These visits combined with the implementation of small energy retrofits produce direct impacts on residents' energy consumption and energy bills - and as such help fighting fuel poverty.

Over the next five months, Raffaele will be supporting the Brest-Team, particularly with regard to its activities in the neighbourhood of "Bellevue", as well as planning a major event on energy poverty in Europe. His biggest contribution, however, will be to throw a perspective on the project from the outside and thereby further advance it.

The "Interreg Volunteer Youth" was launched on 1st March 2017 and is managed by the Association of European Border Regions (AERB), every Interreg Project Partner or Leader can apply. To learn more about the IVY initiative:

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