Neighbourhood CO2-Monitoring

Frankfurt/ Main (Germany)

5 December 2017

A selected number of German Climate Alliance members met for the first time in Frankfurt for a working group session on CO2 Monitoring at the Neighbourhood level.

Some of the local authorities present in Frankfurt have dealt with this topic before for different reasons. However, up to now, there have been no clear guidelines in Germany, no uniform procedure, no sensible instruments for the local authorities. As a consequence, the Climate Alliance members decided to develop such guidelines for an energy efficient neighbourhood concept.

Climate Alliance presented the CAN project to the German local authorities, which got curious about the project and the synergies it could provoke through an exchange on international level.

In a next step, the CAN partners will reflect on their contributions to this ongoing working progress during a web meeting on 18 January 2018.


For more information please contact Miguel Morcillo,


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