First Thermographic Walking Tour in Worms

Worms (Germany)

6 December 2017

During the 1st thermographic walking tour, interested homeowners were offered free on-site energy advice by a qualified energy consultant. Energy-efficient weak points in thermal insulation and building technology were identified, savings potential through energy-efficient refurbishment was identified, and current funding opportunities were explained.

A total of 15 residents took part in the tour. They met after nightfall - this is important so that the heat radiation invisible to the human eye is not distorted. The colour spectrum of the image ranged from blue-violet hues for the colder parts of the buildings to red-orange and yellow hues for the warmer zones. This gave the participants a colourful impression of what their contribution to climate protection might look like.


For more information please contact Katharina Reinholz,



Katharina Reinholz, Climate Protection Manager:

"The tour is an appetizer for tenants and landlords who want to learn about their role in climate protection"

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