Realization of shore power in the Nieuwe Haven in Arnhem, Netherlands

This August, WVnld started building the shore power boxes in Arnhem, NL.

These boxes are made by a local welding company. Subsequently, the various electrical components were installed by a local electrical company, so that the boxes can be connected to the electricity grid and ships can connect to the boxes.

Additionally, electronics and software are built in to monitor the electricity consumption of the ships.

Realization of shore power in the Nieuwe Haven in Arnhem in the Netherlands, by CME partner, Walvoorzieningen Nederland B.V. [WVnld].

(Above) Building and installing the shore boxes- August 2018: The three shore power cabinets have just arrived in the workshop for further installation.

The shape of the shore power boxes is tailored to the locations where these cabinets are placed, under the existing stairs at the quay wall.


(Below) Choosing the locations of the boxes: The locations for the shore power boxes have been chosen so that the electricity is available for the connection of three lengths of river cruise vessels of 135m.

The distance between the cabinets is approximately 150 m


(Above) Placing the shore power boxes - September 2018: The cables are ready to be connected.

(Below): Substation connected to box 2 - October 2018.

(Above, Below) Last field checks on the boxes - October 2018.

(Above) Firsts cables are connected to the box.

(Below): Switch and control lights are up and running!

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