Nottingham City Council installs additional solar PV at Eastcroft Depot

After several months of planning, Nottingham City Council (NCC) has  commissioned and installed a third solar PV system at their CME pilot site, Eastcroft Depot, which will generate renewable energy to be used to power buildings as well as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) stations in Nottingham. Along with systems installed on the Tamar and Tyne buildings of the depot during 2018, the latest 19.2 KWp system installed on the Humber building brings the total of PV at Eastcroft to 138.4 KWp, exceeding the target of at least 88 KWp set out in NCC’s city pilot application.

As one of four CME City Pilots being rolled out across Europe, NCC’s Eastcroft will demonstrate innovative bi-directional V2G charging units to enable Eastcroft to use vehicles for short-term energy storage. Renewable solar energy generated on site will power the V2G/EV chargers, and buildings, and the excess being stored in the battery for use during high peak times.


Additional solar PV panels are added to NCC's CleanMobilEnergy pilot site, Eastcroft Depot

NCC is a leading organisation for energy & sustainability, with their city-wide solar scheme generating over 1 million kilowatts in 2018.  

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