EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018: Leading the Energy-Mobility Transition

Tuesday, 5 June 2018 - 15:00-17:30 - Avenue de Cortenbergh 4, Brussels, Belgium

On Tuesday, 6 June 2018, CleanMobilEnergy and three other European projects - SEEV4-City, SIMPLA, and EV Energy - gathered in Brussels at the annual, multifaceted EU Sustainable Energy Week to delve deep into the topic of clean mobility. 

In addition to presentations by expert speakers (listed below), the event featured a panel discussion, on which each project discussed Europe's Energy-Mobility Transition; more specifically, how to apply, finance and roll-out innovative & smart renewable energy solutions - combined with EV charging infrastructure - across the continent. The main purpose of the Energy-Mobility Transition session was to present good practices, lessons and advice from European cities and regions that are forerunners in clean mobility.

Each project works from different angles to provide highly needed and replicable sustainable solutions during Europe's Energy-Mobility Transition to apply to European cities at a large scale.


Overview of Projects

  • CleanMobilEnergy: Neighbourhood-scale, overarching energy & mobility management systems (iEMS);
  • SEEV4-City: Practical experiences, integration clean energy with electric mobility by ICT;
  • SIMPLA: Incorporation of sustainable mobility and renewable energy action programmes in city planning;
  • EV ENERGY: New policy development for improved uptake, upscaling, replicability & better business practice for cities


(Above) Adrian Vinsome, CENEX, discussing experience (SEEV4-City) and upscaling efforts (CleanMobilEnergy) in practice

(Below) Chris Ashe, Director of EIfI-Tech, representing CME at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018 in Brussels, Belgium



Mark van Stiphout - European Commission (EU)


Shelley Forrester - European Investment Advisory Hub (LU)


Ger Baron - City of Amsterdam (NL)


Henk van Raan - Amsterdam Arena (NL)

Karen Vancluysen - Polis Network (BE) - CME Network

Luca Mercatelli - Area Science Park (IT)

Hugo Niesing - Resourcefully (NL) - CME Network

Stephan Raes - Dutch Representation of the EU (BE)

Julie Chenadec - Green IT Amsterdam (NL)

Adrian Vinsome - CENEX (UK) - CME Network

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