CME heads to Stockholm, Sweden for the E-mobility Power System Integration Symposium 2018

As part of a larger Wind and Solar Energy Integration Symposium, the E-mobility Integration in the Grid Symposium was organized at the KTH in Stockholm. The main theme of this symposium was how to ensure the grid will be ready for providing power to a growing amount of EVs.

Energynautics opened the symposium followed by presentations of Vattenfall, SolarPowerEurope and KTH (Kungliga Tekniksa Högskolan), our host. The discussion mainly covered how to combine RES and EVs and how fast this trend is growing.

Our CleanMobilEnergy project was presented in one of the first workshops. Although reduction of CO2-emissions is our main objective, in this workshop many were interested to see that working relatively independent of the grid might be feasible and could answer the main question of this symposium: how to keep grid capable of providing enough power? One of the spin offs of CME could be a smaller grid connection.

The first day was concluded with a panel discussion, where CME was also represented by lead partner Peter Swart. The discussion focussed mainly on software development (our iEMS) and how to make sure more cities can make use of this. Swart (Arnhem) also presented some other projects currently running in Arnhem, including a strategic map for charging infrastructure and concession for new infrastructure.



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