CME at the annual Cenex LCV Event

The CME project poster & video animations were presented at the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle (LCV) event - hosted by CME partner, Cenex.

The event incorporated four key features: i) technology exhibition, ii) extensive seminar programme, iii) facilitated networking with low carbon community, iv) ride & drive of the latest research & development and commercially available vehicles.

There were 4,385 visitors and exhibitors who attended the event, including the CME partners Gemeente Arnhem, Nottingham City Council and Transport for London.

The event took place on the 12-13th of September 2018 at Millbrook, Bedfordshire in the UK.

The annual LCV event aims to: i) Provide a showcase for UK capabilities, positioning the UK as a leader in low-carbon-vehicle technology development and exploitation. ii) Build organisations’ awareness and confidence to adopt low-carbon-vehicle technologies in vehicles and in fleet operations. iii) Exchange knowledge and network with organisations and representatives EU/international. CME was represented by a stand at the event, which included a poster of the project and animation videos/presentations on iPad.

CleanMobilEnergy is a European and a global player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by combining renewable energy sources, energy storage and charging of electric vehicles using innovative energy management systems; hence, it was essential to participate at this event for communicating and disseminating the CME approach, the CME philosophy and some preliminary results of the project to relevant target groups and establish cooperation with related projects and European policies.


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