CleanMobilEnergy heads to Bilbao, Spain

On the 25th-26th September 2019, Lead Partner Peter Swart of Gemeente Arnhem will be holding two presentations in Bilboa, Spain – the first on strategic plan for charging infrastructure in Arnhem for the new ''Platform Small and Medium Sized Cities of POLIS''; and the second on the combination of RES and charging within the CME project for the POLIS Working Group ''Clean Vehicles & Air Quality''. The CleanMobilEnergy Lead Partner will also lead a discussion on smart charging for the international audience. 

The first presentation on Arnhem's strategic plan for charging infrastruture relates to the transition from demand-driven roll-out of charging infrastructure (i.e. there is always someone asking for a charging point) to supply-driven charging infrastruture. On the agenda for discussion is what actions Arnhem must undertake by 2025 to reach this goal and what the CME City Pilot of Arnhem, together with the charge-point operator, will invest in clustered charging infrastructure. In this way, Arnhem will:

1. Ensure there are always enough charging opportunities;

2. Take better care of public spaces (no cluttering);

3. Guide the process more thoroughly (also to make sure local RES is used). 

For each neighbourhood in Arnhem, a tailor-made solution will be sought together with the inhabitants. Thus, communication with end users is very important for the success of this project.

The second presentation and discussion will cover how to connect a solar field to charging in Arnhem, and how to ensure end users will be charging at the moment solar energy is provided – either directly or through storage. 

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