Arnhem CME Site Visit from London Buroughs & LEPT

Representatives from eight different London boroughs and the London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) visited Arnhem on 13th of May for the purpose of knowledge sharing. CME partners from Arnhem demonstrated their charging plaza in the city, and Wim Schoonderbeek (WVnld) welcomed them at the CME site in the New Harbour. Following the tour around the New Harbor cold ironing site, the visit was continued at Arnhem's Charge Point Operator (CPO), Allego. The visit from the London boroughs was organised by CME partner, POLIS. The representatives from the eight different boroughs of London visited Amsterdam, Arnhem and Rotterdam.

In Arnhem, the UK representatives were picked up from Central Sation in five electric cars (four Teslas and one Jaguar I-Pace) and driven - using clean energy - to the CME pilot site. Here, Wim Schoonderbeek of Walvoorzieningen NL (WVnld) explained the CME project as a whole as well as the specific cold ironing technology in more detail. WVnld had prepared an informative flyer especially for this occasion to ensure the clean mobility techniques used in Arnhem were easily understood and thus could be easily replicated.


Representatives from London buroughs & LEPT visit Arnhem's CME City Pilot for international knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.


With the conclusion of the CME site tour, the group was brought to the Allego office within the Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW). Here, the charging plaza was explained and demonstrated. Inside the building, a few presentations were given on charging infrastructure (Allego) and the strategic charging plan of Arnhem (Gemeente Arnhem and EV Consult). The London buroughs were particularly interested in the  various ways of charging e-vehicles.

After a visit to the charging laboratory of Allego and a short break, the representatives from the buroughs were brought back to Arnhem Central Station by a Trolley 2.0 bus - Arnhem's new trolley bus system also capable of driving without overhead lines.

Overall, the visit provided the London burough and LEPT representatives hands-on insight into various charging techniques in the CleanMobilEnergy City Pilot of Arnhem, and it also served as a valuable networking opportunity for the CME partnership.


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