Trolly 2.0 - Presentation of the new Trolleybus in Arnhem

Arnhem, Netherlands

18 March 2019

On the 18th of March 2019, transport, sustainability and innovation will come together in trolley city Arnhem! Introducing Trolly 2.0, a public transport facility that generates its own energy for inhabitants of the city, simply by driving.

Arnhem has the ambition to drive with zero emissions by 2023 (the new public transport concession). The Trolley 2.0 will make a major contribution to this aim, as no polluting fuels are emitted by this form of public transport. With the Trolley 2.0, a bus is powered by both the overhead lines and a battery in the bus. This enables the innovative bus to drive at least 10 kilometres without an overhead line, allowing for transport also in villages and districts outside Arnhem, in which there are no overhead lines. The battery is charged through the overhead line while the bus is driving. Meanwhile, no energy is lost: if the bus brakes, that braking energy will be stored in the battery or delivered back to the trolley overhead line. With the Trolley 2.0, gas buses in and around Arnhem can be a thing of the past and the cleanest public transport concession in the Netherlands will become even cleaner.

Trolly 2.0 will make its debut in Arnhem on the 18th of March 2019. 

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