SEEV4-City Stakeholders Webinar (EUSEW2020)

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 (Webinar)

24 June 2020 - 24 June 2020

In cooperation with CleanMobilEnergy, the Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) SEEV4-City project is holding a stakeholders validation webinar on ''How to make the charging infrastructure and local electricity grids future-proof?''. The webinar is held as a part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020, which will be held entirely online this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the SEEV4-City closing webinar, participants/stakeholders will have the opportunity to gain insights and contribute to the current list of recommendations SEEV4-City partners propose for seamless integration of smart charging and V2X concepts, with the goals of increasing the uptake of the clean vehicles as well as balancing energy and mobility plans.

CleanMobilEnergy partners, Jorden van der Hoogt of Cenex NL, and Hugo Niesing of Resourcefully, will present sessions on ''Lessons learnt in procuring smart charging technologies'' and ''Implementation & upscaling smart charging: Barriers & Drivers'', respectively. Mr. Hugo Niesing will present his session specifically on behalf of the CME project. 

Register for the interactive event here:

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