NETWORK MEETING 'New Energy from EU projects'

Industriepark Kleefse Waard - Arnhem, Netherlands

20 September 2018

This international networking event will be organised by the Province of Gelderland, Bureau Brussels and the Municipality of Arnhem with the objective to inform each other about the ambitions and results of six EU-projects (including CME!) carried in the Province of Gelderland.

The projects featured at the event include:



Development of a system that links sustainable energy production to electric mobility, through storage and an energy management system. Also aimed at stimulating local energy use and 100% match between supply and demand of sustainable energy.


Climate Active Neighborhoods

This project contributes to the aim of local authorities to reduce carbon emissions by stimulating residents of most disadvantaged neighborhoods where energy consumption is the highest to contribute to local initiatives (bottom-up).


E-Bus2020 in Motion Charging

This project develops products to optimize energy consumption and optimize the use of Trolleybuses charging infrastructure (there are 303 existing trolleys around the world that can benefit from this, now that demand for E-mobility and grid capacity is increasing).



Innovative companies such as Pitpoint, Hygear and HyEt are realizing a new public hydrogen filling station for hydrogen electric buses and passenger cars.



The local generation of renewable energy is one of the elements of the European project ECCOs (Energy Community COoperations), which among other things must contribute to the production of renewable energy and the reduction of the emission of fossil fuels. ECCOs aims at strengthening the regional economy and social cohesion.


The all-day event is by invitation only and will consist of the following programme:



16.00 - 16.15: Opening

16.15 - 16.30: Introduction Industriepark by Kevin Rijke, Director IPKW.

16.30 - 18.00: Presentations by projectmanagers of ECCO's, Climate Active Neighbourhoods;  H2Nodes, Ebus2020, CleanMobilEnergy en Vitalnodes


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