Upcoming Event: EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018

Brussels, Belgium

4 June 2018 - 8 June 2018

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018 will take place in early June in Brussels. CleanMobilEnergy (and hopefully you!) will participate in this diverse programme of events aimed at discussing and shaping Europe’s energy future.

On the 5th of June, Interreg Europe Project CleanMobilEnergy will partake in a panel discussion on the topic of Europe’s urban energy-mobility transition, specifically as it relates to demonstration and upscaling; i.e. how to achieve adequate policy measures and large-scale implementation.

This event aims to present activities developed by and with European cities and regions that are the frontrunners in applying innovative renewable energy solutions combined with EV charging infrastructure points at a large scale. CME, alongside three other projects - SEEV4-City, EV ENERGY and SIMPLA - are currently working on these topics from different angles, in different stages, but together have a significant amount of ingredients to get these sustainable solutions replicated in large scale. The target is city level and beyond. These project initiatives jointly aim to boost progress!

Photos of EUSEW 2017 taken from the EUSEW website


CleanMobilEnergy is excited to engage with this panel of EU and local experts to present the project, as well as the status of innovation in financing RES and provide the vision of future financing options. Many other events will also take place at this year's EUSEW.

Four European projects work on these topics from different angles providing ingredients to get these highly needed sustainable solutions replicated and up-scaled. Participants get acquainted with the latest development and contribute to discussions regarding the following activities:

1) SEEV4-City: Practical experiences, integration clean energy with electric mobility by ICT;

2) CleanMobilEnergy: Neighbourhood scale overarching energy & mobility management systems;

3) SIMPLA: incorporation of sustainable mobility and renewable energy action programmes in city planning;

4) EV ENERGY: New policy development for improved uptake, upscaling, replicability & better business practice for cities


For more information regarding conferences, networking events, and EU-wide Energy Days at the EUSEW18, please visit: http://www.eusew.eu/.

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