Transition to Circular Textiles in the Netherlands

The transition to a circular textile sector is a challenging process of change

Current policy is a great first step and already sets activities in motion but to complete the mission more is needed

2-step approach:

Create demand

  • Put severe pressure on the fashion sector to start using recycled content in their products via labels, steep EPR tariffs or mandatory recycled content
  • use full potential of public procurement related to workwear
  • Continue with recycled content deals

Create supply

  • Create a well-functioning ecosystem that develops new textiles based on recycled fibres.
  • Facilitate the coordination of innovation activities
  • Invest much more resources in new circular technology and innovators using an EPR scheme
  • When this is done well, the Netherlands are in a good position to also benefit economically from this shift through a good starting position in recycling technology and entrepreneurship

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