Towards a Socially Inclusive Circular Economy: A Study of Tenant Engagement in European Social Housing Organisations

Through case studies of four circular social housing projects in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK respectively, this paper addresses the missing social aspect of Circular Economy (CE) by exploring the role of tenants and tenant engagement in circular social housing.

Multiple-case study

A multiple-case study method is adopted using questionnaires, documentary analysis and interviews with the four circular SHOs, providing an opportunity to undertake comparative research across different organisational scales and countries.

Social impact of Circular Economy projects

The research findings reveal different approaches to how circularity is adopted in social housing, how social housing organisation (SHOs) understand and frame the social impact of their CE projects, and a range of tenant engagement models, from ‘business-as-usual’ to ‘new circular engagement,’ within existing organizational structures.

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