Scientific Article 'Digitalization for a Circular Economy in the Building Industry: Multiple-Case Study of Dutch Social Housing Organizations'

Digitalization is happening everywhere and in all industries to a varying degree and transforming our lives tremendously, changing how we communicate, interact and work. How about its impact on realizing a circular economy in the building industry?

This new scientific article - written by ir. Sultan Çetin, prof. dr. Vincent Gruis and dr. Ad Straub - investigates how digital technologies are used in circular new build, renovation, maintenance, and demolition projects of forerunner housing organizations in the Netherlands and identifies challenges that emerge in their broader adoption.

It seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers promising solutions to expand the lifetime of buildings, and digital market places facilitate material reuse. On the other hand, material passports and BIM cause several challenges in housing organizations as life cycle data management requires a lot of time, money and knowledge.

Read the whole article here!

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