Report Digital Circular Housing

On the 14th of December, ir. Sultan Çetin (TU Delft) hosted the online and interactive session ‘Digital Circular Housing’. The session was attended by various Dutch social housing organisations – Eigen Haard, de Alliantie, Mitros, Kleurrijk Wonen, Woonbedrijf, Vivare – and several other organisations active in the construction industry.

Presentations were given by Sultan Çetin and Jan Konietzko. Sultan Çetin introduced the online event and talked about why the need of a circular built environment is so urgent, and about what digital technology can do to support circularity. Jan Konietzko told about his research results on Business innovation for a circular economy. An ecosystem perspective. One of the main conclusions is that circularity is an collective outcome. Both presentations are recorded and can be found on the YouTube channel of CHARM.

Digital Circular Housing: interactive session
The participants were then divided into three groups. With the help of the online tool MIRO, they discussed several questions. These questions handled the actors, strategies and technology in the built environment. The results can be found here.

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