First prototypes of the Circular Kitchen placed in rental properties

The Circular Kitchen is a kitchen that is easy to renew and lasts a lifetime. This means less resource use, emissions and waste. The kitchen consists of easily adaptable modules made of high quality, environmentally friendly material. This makes it easy to create variants that are tailored to individual preferences. The first Circular Kitchens are currently being tested in houses.

Pioneering circular transition
TU Delft is conducting research to limit the construction industry’s major contribution to emissions, resource use and waste production. Kitchens are replaced more frequent in comparison to other components such as roofs and facades, because a kitchen’s functional lifespan - how long it meets the user's (aesthetic) requirements - and technical lifespan - how long it functions as intended - are generally much shorter. As kitchens are replaced relatively often, the circular kitchen is an ideal pioneer in the transition to a circular built environment.

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