Circular Social Housing for a Just Energy Transition

In Kerkrade (the Netherlands), a city in the Parkstad Limburg region (south of the Netherlands), demographic shrinkage is expected to reach 27% in the next 30 years due to population ageing and young people moving to urban agglomeration cities such as Amsterdam or the close by Aachen. This implies that less housing accommodation will inevitably be demanded in the upcoming decades and the demolition of vacant high-rise apartment buildings is inevitable.

The Super Circular Estate Project contributes to a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient economy by creating high-quality, desirable urban environment and affordable housing opportunities based on breakthrough innovative material and social circular solutions. Europe’s first circular estate is based in a sustainable shrinkage area in Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg in the South of the Netherlands.

The results of this project will deliver a considerable contribution to future sustainable urban restructuring developments, in which not only materials are reused but also residents' thourghts and ideas play an integral part.

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