CHARM Partner Paris Habitat Is Moving On!

On the 11th of June, the Board of Directors has officially approved that Paris Habitat Housing department is able to donate materials to NGOs or sell materials to other stakeholders (through marketplaces). In this way, materials can be reused and upcycled. And thus: the materials are given an economic value according to a circular economic approach.

The revenues will be reinvested in circular economy and housing department operations. Donations of materials to NGOs have also been approved by the Board of Directors. Hence, Paris Habitat is concluding sales of wooden windows through the marketplace of Backacia, a CHARM associated partner.

Paris Habitat participates with USH and others

Paris Habitat is also participating with L'Union Social pour l'Habitat (USH) and other French social housing companies to the preparation of a toolkit on circular economy, with feedbacks on circular experiences, for social housing companies. It is the opportunity for Paris Habitat to communicate about CHARM project, among others topics such as bio based materials, water recovery or heat recovery systems.

In this framework, the USH is organizing a webinar on June 16th about how circular economy is changing companies strategies, business model and practices of social housing companies.

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