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Jill Vervoort is writing blogs for Green Light District Amsterdam. With the help of Sultan Çetin, she wrote a blog on the hidden world of digital impact. In this blog, useful tips are given on how to live more consciously and circularly digitally. The blog is written in Dutch. Read the blog here

Jill Vervoort was one of the speakers of the CHARMing Talks. She works for the De Groene Grachten and told about the Green Light District in our first session of CHARMing Talks. 

About Green Light District

Something big is about to happen in the historic city center of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The oldest part of the city, including the 'Red Light District', will be renamed the 'Green Light District'. They are working together with the inhabitants to make the old city center of Amsterdam more sustainable and give it a green makeover.

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