Report on Partner Meeting December 2021

online meeting

22 December 2021 - 22 December 2021

Originally, we planned to organize a workshop evaluation of circular building strategies (D4.1 and D4.2). However, we have changed the agenda of this online meeting because we have had to discuss the additional projects and the (second) extension until December 2023.

Additional projects
Due to various reasons, mentioned during the online meeting on 26 October, we have to search for an additional project to fulfill the outcomes/deliverables of Interreg NWE funded project CHARM.

CHARM partner Zonnige Kempen offered an additional project, but some difficulties appeared, which were brought in by the Interreg NWE project officer, who joined the conversation between Zonnige Kempen and TU Delft about this project.
The second option is given by CHARM-partner Green Square Accord. This project is called: Stirchley Community Led Housing. This low carbon affordable housing project starts on site in April 2022, and consists of 3 storeys with in total 39 apartments, an outdoor space and 3 retail premises. More information can be found on the website This project would fit in CHARM and fulfill the objectives, outcomes and time span of CHARM.

CHARM partner Paris Habitat is also looking for alternatives to fulfill the outcomes of their deliverables. The time schedule will therefore be adjusted.
CHARM partner Woonbedrijf would like to be involved in the project to exchange knowledge and gain information on circularity in the construction sector.

Kamp C: innovative center
CHARM partner Kamp C is an innovative center in the construction sector. It is involved in various sustainable and circular projects in Flanders (Belgium). One of the projects is about making concrete less polluting for the environment. This is being investigated by Interreg NWE project URBCON. URBCON reduces the use of raw materials and the CO2 emissions from construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure in cities.

Extension CHARM until December 2023
As mentioned earlier: due to (the measures of) Covid-19, project delays have occurred. We decided to submit a request to extend the project time span until December 2023. Our Interreg NWE project officer has already been informed and will cooperate to formally complete the extension. This extension doesn’t come with additional funding for the partners. So, the individual budgets need to be spread out over this additional period.

Informational videos
Another deliverable is: informational videos of the demonstration exemplars. Zonnige Kempen en Green Square Accord already made videos about their projects, which are perfect. These videos are informational and inspirational and tell about the process of the projects. This is also desired for the additional project that will be brought in as demonstration exemplars. Once all demonstration exemplars are finalized, an online and concluding article will be written where. In this article, a link to all demonstration exemplars will be made.

Meetings 2023
On 12 January (10h00 until 12h00), we’ll meet online for the LT Workshop Transnational trainings (D 2.1). Due to Corona, our planned partner meeting in person on 21 and 22 April in Birmingham is uncertain. An alternative proposal could be: a workshop on circular energy renovations as part of the SBE22 conference in Delft and 22 April partner meeting CHARM in Delft. Then, our visit to the UK can be held in May, for example.

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