Report Co-Creation Day June 2020

online meeting

6 July 2020

The main theme of this online meeting on the 26th of June 2020 was the development of the in-company training sessions. These sessions are going to be developed by the four social housing organizations Accord (UK), Paris Habitat (France), Woonbedrijf (the Netherlands) and Zonnige Kempen (Belgium). They are going to be assisted by the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment of the TU Delft and the associate partners l‘Union social pour l’habitat, Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP), University of Birmingham and Kamp C.

In-company training sessions on circularity
All four social housing organizations presented their ideas for their in-company training. The trainings are going to reflect their vision on circularity and gives practical information and guidelines for (future) employees as well to other organizations. Tenant involvement is also an important element on which TU Delft and University of Birmingham are going to work on in cooperation with the social housing organizations. The gained knowledge and experiences of the demonstration exemplars is important part of these training, as well a perfect example of one of the outcomes of the ambition to make the housing sector more circular.

Asset Management Approach
CHARM develops and implements an asset management approach that prevents downcycling of materials in renovation and construction of social rented dwellings by creating:

  • circular building strategies tested in demonstration exemplars
  • guidelines for a circular procurement strategy for social housing organisations
  • material exchange platforms to enable circular flows of materials and building components in the social rented sector

The CHARM building strategies will lead to around 36% of materials being prevented from downcycling, compared to the current maximum of 10%. This is equivalent to 40.000 tonnes of annual material recovery by the project partners alone. Dissemination and uptake of the results in the social rented sector in the NWE region will be achieved through the involvement of European, as well as national, innovation exchange platforms.

Rescheduling planned meetings
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the partners decided to reschedule the planned visits to the demonstration exemplars in 2020. Until further notice the CHARM meetings are going to be held online. This means that the planned visit to Birmingham (UK) is postponed to 2021. The meeting on midst September 2020 will be held online. The programme will be announced after the Summer break.

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