Report Co-Creation Day December 2020

online meeting

21 December 2020 - 21 December 2020

On the 10th of December 2020, a CHARM Co-Creation Day was being held. The CHARM partners gathered online to participate in a workshop on tendering and contracting. Prof. dr. ir. Vincent Gruis and dr. ir. Ad Straub of lead partner TU Delft organised and hosted this meeting.

Workshop on tendering and contracting
The four social housing organisations (Accord, Paris Habitat, Woonbedrijf and Zonnige Kempen) are European front runners in circularity in the built environment. This workshop dealt with the questions: How do you (or housing associations) build forward on the specifications for circular projects (see deliverable WP T1 D3.2) and cooperate with market parties in achieving and maintaining your circular ambitions and goals; now and in the future? See the outline of the workshop here.

Guidelines tendering and contracting
Main goal of this workshop was to evaluate the tendering and contracting of the (first) demonstration exemplars, and to recommend on tendering and contracting for follow-up circular projects by CHARM partners and other social housing organisations. This is also one or the deliverables of the project as laid down in Work Package T1 D3.2 ‘Common guidelines for applying guidelines for tendering and contracting’. The common guidelines for applying tendering and contracting are expected to be ready in Spring 2021.

Upcoming events 2021
Due to Corona and the restrictions on traveling, the agenda of 2021 has been rescheduled. TU Delft will now organise and host the upcoming edition of the Inspiration Days 2021. This event will be online and is planned during the last week of February. In the beginning of January, the programme of the Inspiration Days will be ready and published.

In September, we hope to be able to visit Eindhoven and see each other in person. Then, we’ll visit project Glaskring of Woonbedrijf. This project is one of the demonstration exemplars of Interreg NWE funded project CHARM.

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