CHARM - Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management

Project Summary

The building sector is responsible for more than 60% of resource use in Europe with more than 30 - 50% of material use taking place in the housing construction sector. The sector also generates about one third of all waste in the EU. It is because of these staggering statistics that increasing resource efficiency in the housing sector is of great importance for a sustainable society.

Main objective of project CHARM: optimise (re)use of material and natural resources

The main project objective of CHARM is to optimise (re)use of material and natural resources. Other objective is to demonstrate innovative approaches for housing renovation and asset management that prevent downcycling. The project also wants to secure adoption of these approaches within the housing organisation partners, as well as to accelerate the adoption of such approaches throughout the social housing industry.

Asset management approach

Currently, the trend is to improve recycling of building materials from demolition waste. This often leads to downcycling, reducing the use value of materials. For example, concrete from buildings being converted to form the foundations of roads. A circular economy promotes optimal reuse of building materials at at least an equivalent value, such as bricks reused as bricks. CHARM develops and implements an asset management approach that prevents downcycling of materials in renovation and construction of social rented dwellings by creating:

  • circular building strategies tested in demonstration exemplars
  • guidelines for a circular procurement strategy for social housing organisations
  • material exchange platforms to enable circular flows of materials and building components in the social rented sector

Project partners

The project output will be jointly generated by social housing organisations from 4 countries in the InterregNWE region (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom), in co-creation with supply chain partners and knowledge institutes. The social housing organisations and partners are: Zonnige Kempen, Paris Habitat, Stichting Woonbedrijf SWS.Hhvl and Accord Housing Association. Other partners of the project are: European Federation for Living (EFL), Kamp C and the University of Birmingham. Lead partner of project CHARM is TU Delft


The CHARM building strategies will lead to 36% of materials being prevented from downcycling, compared to the current maximum of 10%. This is equivalent to 40.000 tonnes of annual material recovery by the project partners alone. Dissemination and uptake of the results in the social rented sector in the NWE region will be achieved through the involvement of European, as well as national, innovation exchange platforms.

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Delft University of Technology 1 Mekelweg
Name Contact Name Email Country
Accord Housing Association Limited Carl Taylor United Kingdom
Paris Habitat Isabelle Quet-Hamon France
Housing corporation Woonbedrijf Teun van Kuijk Netherlands
Zonnige Kempen Luc Stijnen Belgium
European Federation for Living Joost Nieuwenhuijzen Netherlands
Kamp C Jonathan Verdonck Belgium
University of Birmingham Halima Sacranie United Kingdom


Partners of project CHARM

Lead partner of project CHARM is Delft University of Technology. The social housing organisations involved in Interreg NWE project CHARM are: Zonnige Kempen from Belgium, Paris Habitat from France, Stichting Woonbedrijf SWS.Hhvl from the Netherlands and Accord Housing Assocation from the United Kingdom. The project is actively supported by: European Federation for Living (EFL), Kamp C and the University of Birmingham. Co-partners are l'union sociale pour l'habitat and Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP). Project CHARM is funded by Interreg NWE and financially supported by Provincie Noord-Holland.

TU Delft

Go to the website of TU Delft

Paris Habitat

Go to the website of Woonbedrijf.

Click here for some video's about the circular project of Woonbedrijf in Eindhoven (the spoken language is Dutch)

Zonnige Kempen
European Federation for Living
Kamp C

Go to the website of Kamp C.

University of Birmingham
L'Union sociale pour l'habitat

Go to the website of L'Union sociale pour l'habitat.

Sustainable Housing Action Partnership

The project output will be jointly generated by social housing organisations from 4 countries in the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) region. Interreg NWE is a European Territorial Cooperation programme with the ambition to make the North-West Europe area a key economic player and an attractive place to work and live, with high levels of innovation, sustainability and cohesion.

CHARM addresses the challenge to create a resource efficient society, focussing on social housing. The housing organisation partners of CHARM have begun to experiment with more circular approaches towards construction and renovation. Here, you will find more information on these experiments, which we call 'demonstration exemplars'.

Accord demonstration exemplar

Have a look at the factsheet of the demonstration exemplar of Accord!

Paris Habitat demonstration exemplar

Have a look at the factsheet of the demonstration exemplar of Paris Habitat!

Woonbedrijf demonstration exemplar

Have a look at the factsheet of the demonstration exemplar of Woonbedrijf!

Woonbedrijf has made various videos about Glaskring. Glaskring is the name of their circular project. 

Zonnige Kempen demonstration exemplar

Have a look at the factsheet of the demonstration exemplar of Zonnige Kempen!

And the virtual tour through their circular renovated head quarters. 

Making the social housing sector more circular also means that we have to share the information we have and are collecting on CHARM, circularity, and interesting websites.

CHARM articles

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CHARM newsletters
CHARM factsheets
CHARMing Talks

CHARMing Talks is a initiative of Sultan Çetin-Öztürk (TU Delft). She is also the host of this webinar. Peter Hoogeweg (EFL) is co-hosting the webinar. The webinars are about 30 minutes and are handling two topics on sustainability and/or circularity in the construction sector. All webinars are being recorded and published.


CHARMing Talks #1 is about the virtually plastic-free houses of Accord and the Green Light District in Amsterdam of De Groene Grachten.

CHARMing Talks #2 is about how MetroPolder keeps cities more liveable through smart water management on paved surfaces. And Paris Habitat and the circularity measures in their renovation projects in Paris.

CHARMing Talks #3 is about Circular Maker City, a research project of Delft University of Technology. And Kamp C about their - award winning - Circular Procurement. 

CHARMing Talks #4 is about Energy & Circularity in housing renovation. Maarten Hommelberg of Flitshome - introduced by Ad Straub - told about their solution.

CHARM's YouTube Channel

See all recorded sessions of the CHARM UK Inspiration Days and our webinar CHARMing Talks on CHARM's YouTube channel.

Interesting readings on circularity

Arup, Re-thinking the life-cycle of architectural glass, 2019.

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Interesting websites

Here you will find more information on events and festivals related to the themes and goals of project CHARM.

Cities and Citizens Energy Forum

The Cities and Citizens Energy Forum will take place in Heerlen (the Netherlands) and is postponed to 2021. This meeting will discuss the latest developments in local energy policies. Here, you will get updates on city initiatives, share next practices and coordinate policy work towards EU institutions. It is the meeting point for decision-makers and practitioners from public organisations, business, research and civil society.

Biennale Architettura 2021

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition runs from the 22nd of May to the 21th of November 2021 in Venice (Italy).

Erasmus-Descartes Conference 2021 - A new perspective for the city

On the 19th of November 2021 starting at 09:00: the online Erasmus-Descartes Conference 2021 - A new perspective for the city (French, English and Dutch spoken). The 19th edition of the Erasmus-Descartes Conference focuses on the future of urban renewal, regeneration and transformation. The focus is on concrete examples and best practices and exploring opportunities for cooperation.

Winter School on Circularity in the Built Environment

The Circular Built Environment Hub (CBE Hub) of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft is excited to host the Winter School on Circularity in the Built Environment. Students from all levels of education (BSc, MSc) as well as PhD researchers are invited to participate in a 3-day intensive workshop from the 21st until the 23rd of November 2021.

2nd International Conference on Circularity in the Built Environment

The 2nd international conference on Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn) aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in the area of green and sustainable construction. These topics call for a multi-disciplinary approach involving various research fields and expertise. 24th - 26th of November 2021. Venue: premises of TU Delft in Delft (the Netherlands).

Conference: International Forum on Urbanism

On the 25th - 27th of November 2021, the IFoU (International Forum on Urbanism) will take place in Delft (the Netherlands), with the theme 'From dichotomies to dialogues –connecting discourses for a sustainable urbanism'. More information can be found here.

Symposium: Urban Design; Programmes and Challenges

This event will be on the 13th of December 2021 in Delft (the Netherlands) and focusses on the programmes and challenges of urban design, from both a historical and contemporary perspective. More information and registration here.

International Social Housing Festival (ISHF)

On the 14th until the 17th of June 2022, the International Social Housing Festival will be held in Helsinki (Finland). A diverse program related to modern social and public housing in the form of a festival. This festival wants to spark an international debate on the quality of housing as a quality of living. The 2021 edition of ISHF explores housing as the foundation of good life. The festival highlights the role of social, public and co-operative housing in achieving socially and ecologically sustainable living in our cities now and in the future.


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