Product Solution Connect (SeniorAdom)

  1. What is the highlight of your product? The CONNECT solution developed by SeniorAdom, automatically detects falls and faints thanks to an intelligent system of sensors. More than a classic remote assistance solution, it is an intuitive remote assistance solution. Our solution discovers and adapts to the lifestyle which allow us to automatically notify when a change in lifestyle occurs. Therefore, it enables prevention through detection of small life anomalies before these become serious health issues.
  2. Why did you participate in the Certification-D project? We participated in the project to understand if our product could be used by people with dementia. We also wanted to get feedback on the use.
  3. What is your most important lesson learnt? With this solution we want to offer a non-intrusive solution that detects falls and fainting through an intelligent system of sensors. The main element learnt is that the material may seem disturbing for the user due to maintenance and automatic alerts. That is why we want to be able to offer material that is easily adaptable to the home and daily life of the beneficiary.

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

Me and my children feel safe!

Easy to use and quick familiarization, easy settings.

Satisfied with friendliness calls.


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