Product Personal Tracker Mobile Pro (Climax Deutschland GmbH)

1.What is the highlight of your product? The Mobile Pro is a combination personal tracker and carephone. It can be connected to a professional emergency call center as well as to relatives. Notification of relatives takes place via SMS, voice call or WhatsApp. The message contains a link with the current position information. An emergency call can be triggered manually or by leaving a pre-defined geofence. The device consists of a base station, a handheld transmitter and a mobile device.

2.Why did you participate in the Certification-D project? The project offers us the opportunity to have the product tested and evaluated under scientific conditions and to receive detailed feedback on the function and usability from end users and their relatives. This enables us to further optimize the product.

3.What is your most important lesson learnt? Among the relatives of patients with dementia, there is a great interest in monitoring persons with dementia without relying on a professional emergency call center. We have therefore expanded support for private caregivers.

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

It's a good size, it's easy to store in the flat. The small portable part, is handy, easy to carry in the handbag.

Good, once I had a problem and it was responded to immediately.

It's 1000 per cent fine. I feel safe.

Volume is very good, great range (into hallway).


Contact: | + 49 221 291963-0|

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