Product easierLife Home smart (easierLife GmbH)

1.What is the highlight of your product? The smart emergency system easierLife HOME smart enables a safe life at home. Increased safety is achieved by sensors (especially motion sensors and door contact sensors). Based on sensor data and an intelligent system easierLife can detect automatically if a critical or unusual situation is present or not. This information is forwarded directly to an emergency response center. In addition, relatives and caregivers can be informed through smartphone apps and web applications.

2.Why did you participate in the voucher call? We wanted to receive feedback from a specific audience that is likely to have a big benefit from the features of our HOME smart system. This helped us to improve the product and put focus on certain aspects of the development of the HOME smart.

3.What is your most important lesson learnt? From the feedback we received one important aspect was the installation process and through that the understanding of the features of the system. We need to further improve the process of installation e.g. through a detailed installation wizard so that the client can better adapt to the specific use case that the HOME smart is used for.

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

I think that someone who is not at all tech-savvy will have problems installing the device. You need someone to help.

The device gives me personally more security during my absence. Whether my father has actually understood the meaning, I doubt.

It's a plus compared to a classic remote alarm. 


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