Product BBrain Music Player (BBrain)

1.What is the highlight of your product? ? Listening to music plays an important role in many people’s lives; it improves our mood, brings back memories and helps us to relax. However, for seniors and people with dementia it is often difficult to operate today's music players. The interface of the BBrain Music Player allows to choose the level of control: the large coloured buttons can be rotated to hide or reveal. This prevents user confusion and accidentally pressing the wrong button. Self-confidence increases as you are no longer dependent on others to operate this music player!

2.Why did you participate in the voucher call? With our participation in the voucher call, we hope that music gets a more prominent place in product development for people with dementia.

3.What is your most important lesson learnt? The persons with dementia had different environments in which they preferred to use the music player. For example, in private or shared rooms and indoor or outdoor. We therefore gained insights into which adjustments we can make to take various environmental factors into account.

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

I think it's a nice radio. At first, I didn't listen to a radio. Now this one is standing on the table; I turn it on anyways.

Because of the battery and lightweight, I could take the radio with me outside.

No matter the stage of dementia, everyone recognizes the big red on/off button.


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