Final Conference - Get your ticket

Tickets for the final conference are now available. The conference will be organised together with the Dementia Lab Conference 2022 in Leuven, Belgium (September 20-22). Our aim is to bring together academics and businesspeople
(1) to initiate exchange,
(2) to advance both pragmatic and inclusive research, and
(3) to design and market life-enhancing products that improve awareness of, and future care and everyday support for people with dementia.

There are also opportunities for active participation. This edition will continue to offer a range of means to contribute to the conference by maintaining different forms of contribution opportunities in the form of workshops and personal stories, research papers, demos and posters. Additionally, we will have a day dedicated to students (both undergraduate as well as PhD candidates) to come up with fresh and smart ideas also to inspire, exchange and collaborate with SMEs.

If you are working within this area or wish to participate in the debates, workshops or sharing of ideas, knowledge and products please join us in 2022.

For more information to submit your own work or to get your ticket to participate, check out the Dementia Lab Conference 2022 website.

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