Online Partner Meeting (30. September 2020) & Conference “Users & producers. demands & use” (1. October 2020)

, Online

The next Partner Meeting was planed to take place in Eindhoven (30. September 2020). Due to COVID-19 it now will be an online meeting by the partners organised by the Lead Partner ARCK. The internal (not open to the public) workshop will deal with the progress in our work packages. We will also interchange further on our four Living Labs (common rules, standards etc.). The Conference “Users & producers. demands & use” (1. October 2020) will also be an online event organised by project partner portavida Genk. The detailed programme will be published soon. We will have videos introducing our Living Labs and ways of working as well as international speakers.
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KTN Dementia Biodesign Workshop - London

, London, UK

Knowledge Transfer Network's Neurotechnology Special Interest Group is holding the fourth in its series of biodesign workshops in collaboration with the UK Dementia Research Institute where we will explore novel neurotechnologies to treat dementia, discuss barriers to adoption and new opportunities in the field. The workshop aims to bring together clinicians, companies, academics, charities and other stakeholders, to accelerate the development of new neurotechnologies for dementia.
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