CEDaCI Partnership Meeting in Lille

Lille, France

17 May 2019 - 17 May 2019

The third CEDaCI Partnership meeting was held in Lille, France in the premises of Region Hauts-de-France.

The meeting started with the update on Situational Analysis and Networking Activities by the partner in charge, WeLoop. The final versions of Inventory of DCI Stakeholders, case studies and business models will be completed by June 30, 2019 with the input of all partners and sub-partners.

The objective of WP5 is to build a Co-creation Platform and trans-national / trans-sectorial Network to support the development
and delivery of the Pilots (WP6) and develop the Decision Making Tool (DMT) in four programme languages and EcoDesign
Guidelines that will contribute to the implementation of the CE in DCI.

Co-Creation is a set of methods that allow a group to identify and map the current practices, to pitch ideas on product-service innovations (circularity solutions) e.g. in CEDaCI Pilots, or even develop and test prototypes e.g. the CEDaCI Decision Making Tool. These methods will include  brainstorming, mind mapping, focus groups, online sessions, or even a hackathon. 

Wuppertal Institue, the partner in charge, presented the concept and the general calendar of CEDaCI Co-creation Plan and activities.  National or Regional Working Group Activities and National Co-creation Workshop Activities will be launched as of October 2019. 

CEDaCI External Website will allow CEDaCI Network to interact and disseminate the project`s results to wider public.  The logo and illustration which were developed by LSBU will be improved taking into account CEDaCI partners comments.

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