University of Orleans

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BP 6749 Avenue du parc Floral, Orléans cedex 2, 45067 France


The université d'Orléans (UO, is a higher education center that deliver diplomas at the bachelor, master and PhD levels. The UO is structured in faculties: 1) sciences and techniques, 2) humanities, 3) Law and management, 4) Universe Sciences Observatory. The research activities are devlopped in all these fields and in connection with research institute located in the "Orléans Grand Campus": CNRS (fundamental), INRA (agronomy), BRGM (geology), CNES (space agency).

Thematic priorities:

  • Low carbon

Involved in

Low carbon

Care-Peat - Carbon loss reduction from peatlands: an integrated approach

To facilitate the implementation of low-carbon, energy and climate protection strategies to reduce GHG emissions in NWE

Status: ongoing

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