Relive the Peatland Policy workshop in The Netherlands

On 7 October 2020, Natuurmonumenten in cooperation with the Dutch Coalition Natural Climate Buffers, organised the Care-Peat workshop “Policy and Strategies on Peat Rewetting in the Netherlands”. The workshop aimed to list current policies, strategies and approaches in the Netherlands and identify priorities for the future.

Participants have their origin in nature management, environmental action and land use orientated governmental authorities and institution. Because of the circumstances (Covid-19) the size of the group was limited.

Participants agreed that there is a lot of dynamics on this issue and found it really useful to share experiences. Together they addressed chances and weaknesses in the national peatland rewetting policy instruments, especially where nature policy meets climate mitigations an adaptation policy. These results will serve as input in the Care-Peat follow-up activities on transnational governance analysis. Besides, this session helped the Dutch participants to prioritise national action. The concrete results and energy during the workshop strongly suggest the usefulness of follow-up actions. Natuurmonumenten is already discussing the organisation of this follow-up in the Coalition Natural Climate Buffers. The workshop report is available (in English).

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