Pilot site Cloncrow bog: stafe of play

Cloncrow bog is situated in County Westmeath within the midlands region of Ireland which is the primary area for raised bog formation. Current land uses on the site comprise active peat-cutting to the east of the high bog margin and afforestation on both the high bog and the cutover. Areas of cutover have been reclaimed for agricultural purposes around the site. The grassland is used for grazing. Damaging activities associated with these land uses include drainage and burning of the high bog. These are all activities that have resulted in loss of habitat. The Irish pilot site is located in Cloncrow Bog, designated as a Natural Heritage Area (NHA) which consists of 200ha. The Care-Peat pilot consists of 26ha which will undergo drain blocking and vegetation restoration

State of play

The restoration works at Cloncrow Bog in Ireland have been completed. Restorations began in early September with drain blocking using peat dams. The restorations also included a first of its kind bunding technique that will be used to inform future rewetting at other State owned degraded bog sites.

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