Introduction to pilot site Landemarais, France

The Landemarais peatland is located in Parigné, Brittany, about  50 km north-east of Rennes. It is an acidic fen dominated by Molinia caerulea and large tussoks of Carex paniculata. Nonethleless, in small areas, Sphagnum species are growing well showing a high potential of C sequestration. Four decades ago, works were done to control water table level and trees were cut, both to conserve and promote biodiversity.

Now, to go further, in the framework of the capitalisation project of Care Peat, two areas dominated by Carex paniculata will be stripped and Sphagnum patches will be set up to combine biodiversity and C sequestration improvement. This restoration action will benefit from the experience gained in the La Guette peatland site, where similar works were done thanks to the Care-Peat project. 

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