The Brexit effect

In Boost4Health 11 innovative life sciences regions in North West Europe, Denmark and Spain share contacts and knowledge to stimulate SMEs and service providers to collaborate internationally with other Boost4Health regions. Two of these regions are Manchester and Kent.

We know many people are wondering: how does Brexit effect collaboration with the UK? We contacted one of our service providers Equitus Engineering in Manchester to check.

Equitus engineering evaluates ideas and engineers them, designs and develops products for manufacturing and applies engineering to drive innovation. We asked them how Brexit has affected their collaboration with other countries in Europe.

“Brexit isn’t now and isn’t likely to affect our international business once Brexit comes to a conclusion” Mr. Shanker of Equitus Engineering replied. “And there is no point in sitting around and waiting what will happen. We have work to do and SMEs want to see results. It’s business as usual. We deliver a service and that hasn’t changed. In fact whatever happens with Brexit: Britain’s economy has been built on strong commerce and trade links with the world. It has been for centuries and that’s not going to change.”

Currently they are engineering a device to regulate the pressure in lungs for a SME in the Netherlands with a Boost4Health voucher. Brexit or no Brexit, they were the best match.

If you are looking for a service provider you simply want the best. Contact your local Boost4Health partner if you need help finding the right match. Whether the best service provider to accelerate your innovation is in France or the UK, Boost4Health can offer support.

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